Before Photoshop

headless-7I always get a little annoyed by those who look down their nose at Photoshop exclaiming that something that has been post-processed in the software is not a “real” photograph (whatever that is).

I started my journey in photography shooting black and white on film and developing the negatives and processing the shots myself. The main reason I wanted to do this was because when I first started I knew even less about taking photos than I do now (which still isn’t a lot!) and so printing the images myself allowed me to attempt to correct composition (by re-cropping) and exposure (using dodging and burning) so the final image more closely resembled my original vision. Because of this I know that there are many things that photoshop does that you can replicate in a dark-room. Even going as far as adding or removing elements from a negative. Of course its not as easy as clicking a few buttons in Photoshop, but its still possible.

So it was great to see the site Boing Boing link to a collection of 19th Century photographs that have all been manipulated in the darkroom when printed to turn ordinary portraits into novelty headless ones!

19th Century Headless Portraits (via Boing Boing)

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