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Dealing with Photo Theft

With the explosion of web sites to share your photos, everything from Flickr and Facebook to self hosted portfolios, it become easier for someone to “acquire” your images for their own use. Of course if you really want to stop people stealing your images, then don’t upload them anywhere on the web, but for many… Read more »

Design Tweaks

Welcome to 2013 everyone! To start the new year I’ve made some changes to the design of my site. The reason for these was mainly to try to standardise some things. As the site has grown over the years (can you believe I started this blog in 2007!) things have begun to get a little… Read more »

Stand Your Ground

Just a couple of years ago, if you were in the UK and taking photos in London (almost anywhere in London it seemed) you would be stopped by the Police and questioned about what you were doing. There were reports all over the web from photographers who had been well within the law – taking… Read more »

The Hepworth Wakefield

After quite a few months of build up, the Hepworth Wakefield gallery opened today. The £35 million art gallery is one of the largest purpose built galleries to open in the UK (since 1968 by some estimates). The David Chipperfield designed building, situated almost in the River Calder has resulted in mixed feelings from local… Read more »

Police Harassment of UK Photographers to Finally Stop?

Back in January this year, following a test case, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Section 44 stop-and-search anti-terrorism powers were illegal. As reported on this blog and many others, there was a huge amount of criticism of the powers, especially by photographers who suddenly found themselves being treated as terrorists for… Read more »