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The Image Story


Have you ever seen a photograph and wondered how it was taken? I’m not talking about the dry technical details here but the real story behind the image. How it came to be. Well a new site just launched aims to help you find out more. The Image Story is all about sharing the craft… Read more »

Before They Pass Away

One of the main reasons why I travel to the places I do is to experience different cultures, beliefs and ways of living. With globalisation I’m sure it won’t be too long before we’re a homogeneous mass living in roughly the same way and consuming roughly the same things. With this in mind, I was… Read more »

Finding Dark Skies

If you like to do astro-photography – shooting images of the sky at night – one of the key things you need to do is avoid light pollution from nearby cities, factories, etc. There are several sites that help you to identify those areas that have been designated as dark-sky reserves but often these are… Read more »

More examples of analog photoshop

I’ve posted a few articles recently about how the majority of things people do in Photoshop could also have been done in the dark room back in even the earliest days of film photography. I discovered another great example of what is possible with film the other day and thought I’d share it with you…. Read more »


After a horrendous couple of weeks where my planned trip away over the Christmas period has slowly imploded – problems getting visas, passport lost by Royal Mail, and finally the entire trip being canned – (hence the lack of posts recently) I could really do with some inspiration. So it was pleasing to discover some… Read more »