Lightroom 5 – Hidden Gems

Have you upgraded to Lightroom 5 yet? If not you should. Adobe are offering the upgrade price for owners of any previous version of Lightroom, so if you have version 1, 2, 3 or 4 you get the discount.

Lightroom 5 has many improvements which you’ve probably read about. Its faster. There’s new tools like the smart healing brush and radial gradients tool. Plus improvements to the print, book and slideshow modules. So overall an update worth getting. However, there’s lots of smaller things which haven’t really been talked about but which you may find help you in your workflow. In the video below, Julieanne Kost, Photoshop and Lightroom Evangelist, shares her top 10 “hidden gems” in Lightroom 5.

Check it out and let me know what you think of Lightroom 5 in the comments below.

Eastern Turkey – Pasha Palace

Pasha Palace Dogubeyazit

So I’m back from eastern Turkey – an extraordinary place relatively undiscovered by tourists so far. I took well over 1,000 photos in the two weeks I was travelling so its going to take a while for me to pick and process the best. However here’s a shot of the Ishak Pasha Palace near Doğubeyazıt which is very close to the Iranian border.

Travels and new Photograph Quarterly

PQ3Just a note to let you know I’m off on my travels again. This time Turkey. I’m going to be spending a couple of weeks travelling around its borders with the Black Sea, Georgia, Armenia, down past the Iran and Iraq borders before heading along the Syrian border to Gazientep. Some very interesting and ancient ruins along the way plus traditional cultures. Should be fun.

Also, for those that are interested the latest version of the Craft and Vision Photograph Quarterly (issue 3) is now available to download. This quarter it includes:

  • Portfolios from Hengki Koentjoro, Kevin Clark and Dave Delnea
  • A piece by David duChemin about taking risks
  • Articles on composition, tilt shift and creating development presets
  • How to use and understand the histogram
  • plus much more!

You can download the latest issue or subscribe for a year over on the Craft and Vision site.

And I’ll see you all (hopefully with some great photos) once I’m back!


Tutorials and Camera Simulators

canon_simulatorAs digital cameras become more popular the number of people with DSLRs is slowly growing, but how many of those keep the camera on its “auto” setting for the majority of the time? In perhaps an attempt to get their customers using more of the functionality available in their equipment and get more creative with the shots they take camera manufacturers are creating new ways to educate us. Both Canon and Sony have recently released items in this space.

Canon (Canada) has released a simulator – for Canon cameras, obviously – called “Outside of Auto“. The sim has two options. The first allows you play with the settings, altering aperture, shutter speed and ISO. When you push the shutter button you get to see what the resulting photo would have looked like and receive feedback and suggestions for improving your shot. The second option sets you a series of challenges to see what you’ve learned and you only have a short amount of time to complete these.

Overall it seems good at showing the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how these affect the front-to-back sharpness and exposure of your final shot.

Sony have also created some tutorials to help you get more creative with your camera. Called the “Sony α Portal” the site contains a series of video tutorials taking through the same various options as the Canon site – focusing on exposure, depth of field (aperture) and shutter speed. However it also includes information on composition and white balance.

Each video is broken down into easily digestible chapters and seems fairly comprehensive, covering sometimes technical subjects with easy to understand explanations and animations.

Finally, if you’ve like to try a more general vendor independent simulator head on over to “The SLR Camera Simulator“.

So now you’ve no excuse to stick on auto. Visit one of the three sites above and improve your photography.