Lightroom 5 Beta

LR5betaIt seems the beta of Lightroom v5 is now available to download and play with. Being beta software I certainly wouldn’t recommend you using it for your main post production processes but instead you might like to look at some of the new features using copies of your images.

Three of the new features being showcased so far include:

  1. Improved healing options including painting heal/clone areas rather than just spot healing/cloning
  2. A new radial filter (think graduated filter but circular or elliptical)
  3. Some clever tools to level your images and correct converging or diverging verticals

You can find out more and watch videos of the three features above being demonstrated over at the blog.


Photographers Block


A short while ago I posted about how I was feeling a little uninspired, but was looking forward to and planning my next trip – to Turkey. Since then it seems the web has been awash with posts about overcoming photographers block (I’m sure it had nothing to do with my post!).

The Digital Photography School site posted an article on “10 Tips To Get Over Photographer’s Block“. In it they talk about:

  1. pushing yourself regardless of mistakes you might make
  2. getting outside your comfort zone
  3. spending time with like-minded photographers
  4. attending a class
  5. ideas for seeking inspiration
  6. becoming a mentor to another photographer
  7. going somewhere and getting lost (on purpose)
  8. concentrating on a theme
  9. starting a new project
  10. trying new gear

Additionally, the (very good) photo sharing site 500px published an article on its blog called “7 Ways to Combat Photographer’s Block“. Their suggestions sort of align with those from DPS:

  1. Just go out and start shooting
  2. Pick a colour and focus on that
  3. Photograph feelings
  4. Try street photography
  5. Try technical shots you haven’t done before
  6. Visit somewhere new (clearly my favourite!)
  7. Collaborate

Free (yes free!) Craft & Vision book for you


Hey people. A bit of a treat for you today. Craft and Vision (who as any reader of this blog knows I love) have released a new eBook for free. Yes that’s right! Free, gratis, at no cost what so ever!

Craft and Vision II contains 9 articles covering creative approaches, technical considerations and ways to approach and improve your vision by a selection of the regular C&V authors. Slightly shorter than some of the other books – at 45 pages – its still a great read and like all Craft & Vision books is packed full of inspiring imagery.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy of Craft & Vision II now!

Google Selling Nik Collection for $150

Nik Collection

I’ve previously mentioned that I like black and white photography and one of the tools I often use when processing images for this is Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro. A few months back Google purchased Nik Software but promised to keep offering the software. This week they’ve announced that not only are they still offering it, but that you can buy the entire bundle of all six tools for just $150. Considering I paid far more than that for just the one tool its a bargain not to be missed.

Additionally (although I’ve not personally had this confirmed yet) if you’ve bought any of the individual tools within the past five years as I have, expect an email from Google providing you with the opportunity to download the entire suite of six tools for free! Additionally, the suite will support Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture so whichever processing workflow you use, you’ll be supported.

The Nik Software site has been updated and the offer is now online should you wish to take advantage of it.

UPDATE (28 Mar 2013): After emailing the Google Nik support team I did eventually get an email and it does appear that if you’ve bought even just one of the tools in the last five years you do get the whole collection for free. If you believe you qualify but haven’t had an email just follow the support link from the Nik site and let them know.

Timelapse – Review

I admit to being partial to a bit of timelapse. As evidenced by my previous attempts at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (below) and the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery. However its very much something I’ve taught myself from bits and pieces I’ve found online. I don’t profess to be any kind of expert and I’m always looking for ways to get better at it.

Professional Photographer Dave Delnea has just released an eBook on Craft & Vision called “Timelapse” and it’s a great resource if you want to get into shooting these or, if like me, you want to learn more and take better timelapses. Read more