The 5D Mk II or the 450D?

According to Swedish Canon VP Robert Westin, Canon is going to announce a new DSLR next year at the Photo Marketing Association trade show (more commonly known as the PMA).

There’s always a history of the big players releasing new models at this event so the only question is what is the DSLR going to be? Of course there’s been a long time rumour of the 5D Mk II but others think it may be an upgraded EOS 450D, possibly with an IS lens in the kit.

Via Engadget

Photographing Outdoor Sculpture

I found of late that I tend to shoot quite a lot of sculpture, especially living so close to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, however I often get home to find I’m disappointed with many of my shots. So its interesting to see that Digital Photography School is listing a collection of tips for taking photos of outdoor sculpture.

A lot of the tips are common sense, such as the one below, but its still worth a look over if you find yourself taking shots of this sort of subject.

Getting a good angle on a sculptured face is just as important as getting a good angle when taking a formal portrait of a live person. Walk all around the sculpture and figure out the most interesting angles before you look through the viewfinder and get side-tracked by apertures and exposures.

Tips for photographing outdoor sculpture

Media Managers To Organize Your Photos

Now regular readers will probably note I’m a bit of a Adobe Lightroom fan. I think its great, not only for managing your workflow, from import through developing to print, but it is also good as a library tool, helping you to catalog and organise all your photos.

However, if you’re not quite sure and want to try out some other media managers, then check out the list Techlicious have produced, which includes Picassa, Nero and iBrowser to name a few.

Techlicious: Media Managers to Organise Your Photos

SlideShowPro for Lightroom

The SlideShowPro tool is now available as a plugin for the web module of Adobe Lightroom.

The tool allows you to create Flash slideshows from your photo collections using just the familar Lightroom interface. Its all self contained and you don’t need Flash installed on your machine to use it.

For more information check out the SlideShowPro website