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Before There Was Photoshop
I’ve often talked on my blog about how, after historically shooting and processing black and white film, I know that many of the tools you get in Photoshop replicate things you can actually do in the darkroom. I even posted a while back [...]
Travel Photography and Respecting Other Cultures
Short post but I wanted to highlight this recent story where a Sri Lankan court has given suspended jail terms to three French tourists for “wounding the religious feelings of Buddhists by taking pictures deemed insulting”. Whilst [...]
The Image Story
Have you ever seen a photograph and wondered how it was taken? I’m not talking about the dry technical details here but the real story behind the image. How it came to be. Well a new site just launched aims to help you find out more. The [...]
Photography on Kickstarter
In case you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, its a site where people can post information on projects they need funding for and which the general public can then pledge an amount to with each pledge level having its own benefits should the [...]